The Association represents WIOA Title I Administrators, Fiscal Agents, Career Center Directors and Regional Employment Boards.

The MWPA engages in active informed involvement and participation of all members in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Workforce Development System, including but not limited to:

  • Represent the Commonwealth's WIOA Title I Administrative and Fiscal Agents as selected by Chief Elected Officials, and the One Stop Career Center Directors at Executive Committee meetings, Board/Membership meetings and Career Center Director meetings.
  • Represent Career Center Directors and WIOA Administrators/Fiscal Agents at all state and local workforce development meetings.
  • Act as liaison on behalf of Career Center Directors, WIOA Title I Administrators/Fiscal Agents to the Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development and all relevant partners and subsidiaries
  • Plan, develop, and implement technical assistance meetings for Career Center Directors, WIOA Administrators/Fiscal Agents and other partners.
  • Educate and inform state legislators, in collaboration with appropriate partners, to promote and advocate for the needs of the public workforce system.
  • Plan, develop and implement an annual working retreat for all members.
  • Update the MWPA web site to ensure accurate dissemination of workforce development policies and activities
  • Sponsor and implement Peer-to-Peer events on workforce development legislation, programmatic changes, business conferences, education, networking and best practices.
  • Coordinate business and job seeker services across the Commonwealth to ensure continuity of service delivery while supporting and encouraging individualized Career Center programs and services.
  • Provide a forum for active member engagement that facilitates creative thinking, encourages efficient program design and enhances the quality of services provided by the Commonwealth’s workforce development system
  • Provide statewide business services coordination including employee assessment and recruitment with business groups and associations through the MWPA’s Business Investment Alliance.
  • Organize, plan and develop the annual Career Center Day at the State House to promote the benefits of a strong public workforce system throughout the Commonwealth with the state's executive and legislative branches
  • Participate in WIOA Planning and Stakeholder Workgroups convened by state including WIOA Steering Committee and Eligible Training Provider List, Youth, Job Seeker and Employer Workgroups
  • Participate in Workforce Allocation Taskforce
  •  Convene and provide technical assistance to MWPA committees organized around targeted subject areas (i.e., business engagement, youth services, peer-to-peer training, marketing, information technology, etc.) to provide a forum for sharing best practices, policy discussions and problem solving
  • Active engagement, event planning, peer to peer networking and dissemination of best practices specifically targeted to youth related programs and services